Friday, November 13, 2009

Creativity or CHAOS????

scraps, metallic wrappers, and ribbon ~ OH MY die cuts and tags and paper galore

sneaky peeks of Christmas projects - ps. that gorgeous paper on the top two??? Well I got that from Arte del Carte - provider of high quality paper that Florence Italy is FAMOUS for. Some fabo ladies will be getting something like that for Christmas. Not going to tell you what they are yet!

rub-ons, wire cutters, adhesive, acrylic stamps - What on earth do they have in common?

deco paper, and gadgets galore - do you think I need MORE???? (insert gleeful cackle here)

definitely need a new paper cutter, definitely

Can you guess what I am making? Use your eagle eye and you may just figure it out. Either way I can't decide whether I am just too messy - or just messy enough! Enjoy, my chaos or rather creative mess.

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