Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Crafty Husband????

On Sunday my Beloved decided he really needed to wrap some presents and put them under the tree for me. He seems to always wait until almost the last minute. I don't mind I just think he is funny. Well, he was upstairs quite a while wrapping presents. I didn't think anything of it. I was preparing dinner for our English bible study group. We had a nice dinner and study. After everyone left I noticed something odd under the tree.

It was this envelope.

I giggled to myself. My dearest was trying to decorate the envelope quickly and this is what he came up with. Now he also made tags for the other presents he put under the tree. Here is what he did... He was trying to make them similar to the tags that I threw together for the other gifts. Like this...

He did a good job don't you think? He even made sure they matched.

Just so you know when I said I giggled I wasn't laughing at James. Rather I was tickled that he thought enough about making my presents pretty that he tried to make tags and embellishments himself. He was a little upset though that I didn't LEAVE my Christmas stamp sets out on my table so he could use them. Doesn't he know I put them away when I am done ~ I do ~ most of the time.

What a sweet guy! Gotta love a man that tries to make things pretty for his crafty wife.

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