Saturday, July 10, 2010


In our yard there are 2 apricot trees. The previous tenants told us they were fruit trees but because the landlords have the trees pruned at the beginning of summer they had never had any fruit and weren't sure what kind of trees they were. When we signed our lease contract we decided to NOT have them prune the trees.

So while I was in the US there was a windstorm that threw tons of apricots on the ground. James went out and gathered up all that was on the ground at the time. He ended up with a gallon size ziploc bag that he washed and halved, plus a very large bowl full of washed apricots. Then on Thursday, after returning from the US, Jared and I picked up another 1/2 bucket full of good apricots and almost 3 grocery bags full of broken, mushy, bird and ant-eaten apricots.

On Friday morning I searched the web to find a jam recipe and got busy. I ended up making 2 jars of apricot jam and 2 jars of apricot butter. I think I will stick with jam making. The apricot butter is tasty but takes twice as much fruit and twice as much time for the same two jars full of fruit. And pressing the fruit pulp through the sieve took so much time!

Friday night after James got home we noticed that the yard was again full of apricots. Picked them up and today, Saturday morning I made 3 more jars of jam. YUMMO!

Here are the last 3 jars freshly filled and cooling on the rack!


Terri said...

Looks yummy!

:::b r a n d i::: said...


Carol's Ink Spot said...

Oh you lucky girl! I can almost 'taste' that jam! Thanks for sharing the yummy pictures.

Nerina said...

Loooove apricot jam! Enjoy the fruit of your labours! The butter sounds delicious - but a lot of work!

Aimes said...

Yummy and totally scrummy, jam!!! Now you can have fun stamping to decorate those jars ;D

peggysue said...

Oh yummy, those look wonderful! Enjoy it on your toast and bagels.

Cammie said...


Linda W said...

These look so yummy! Aren't you luck to have an apricot tree. Guess you had a good trip back home. Glad you're back safely.

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